Sunlighten® is the #1 choice for personalized infrared light therapy.  We’re committed to energizing and empowering individuals through our patented infrared technology that can help improve your quality of life.
4 reasons why Sunlighten is the clear infrared sauna choice:
  1. Get the Highest Dose Infrared Energy into Your Body – proven to 95-99% effective
  2. Patented 3-in-1 Heaters for True Full Spectrum Infrared– 3 separate elements emit near, mid and far IR at peak wavelengths
  3. Personalize Each Session with 3-in-1 Wellness Programs– choose from detoxification, anti-aging, pain relief, cardio, weight loss, relaxation or custom
  4. ENJOY VS. ENDURE – offers a comfortable, gentle heat that is enjoyable for the entire session and leaves you feeling invigorated, light and energized