Huna Physical Therapy was established to provide clients with focused, individualized care.  Huna strives to promote and practice preventive care through manually based physical therapy and patient education in many aspects of health and wellness.

Many of us strive to remain active, and injuries can easily limit or not allow us to participate in the activities that we truly enjoy and impact our lifestyle.  Often, musculoskeletal injuries are preventable and present with warning signs, such as pain or movement dysfunctions.  Predispositions to injury may be present and not always result in symptoms.  A physical therapist is adept at identifying these early warning signs, and uncovering predispositions that may not yet be symptomatic.

An evaluation by a physical therapist can help you avoid further injury, or prevent injury in the first place.  In many instances there is a simple fix.  You may need a manual therapy applied, a postural correction, a body mechanics adjustment, a home stretching program, or a maintenance program to achieve or return to higher levels of activity.  

Are you a runner who is fighting a nagging injury?

Have you noticed back and neck pain while gardening or practicing yoga?

Are you noticing shoulder pain when reaching overhead or playing tennis?  

Are you experiencing elbow or wrist pain when playing golf?

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort during or after any activity it is likely your body is trying to warn you of impending tissue damage.  These may be the signs and symptoms you experience at work, during recreational activity or even just daily tasks.  

It is our desire at Huna to help you improve or maintain your active life style.


‘I became a physical therapist because I enjoy helping and caring for others.  Huna is one of the original sciences of healing, enlightenment and personal empowerment; it is healing not only the physical, but also the person as a whole.

When we consider our total well-being, it does not consist of only the physical.  Although as a physical therapist I may focus more on that aspect; it also includes other parts of ourselves which can have a direct effect on how we heal physically.

Our mindset can either help drive our progress, or it can impede our healing.  For myself, Huna Physical Therapy is the starting point of how we think about all that can affect our physical healing and overall wellness.’

– James K. Hashimoto, ATC, MPT, CMTPT



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