Fee for Service:

Huna Physical Therapy is a fee for service provider. What this means is that Huna Physical Therapy does not participate with any private health insurance plans.  We are out of network with all insurance companies and do not directly bill through insurance for services rendered.

Payment is due at the time of service.

We accept cash, checks, credit cards, flexible spending (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA).

Upon request, we can provide a super bill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement or payment toward your out-of-network deductible.

Why doesn’t Huna Physical Therapy take insurance?

Insurance companies have been increasing patient deductibles, decreasing provider reimbursements and dictating how clinicians treat patients. Being free from insurance companies allows us to give you the 1-on-1 skilled treatment that you deserve to get you back to the way you felt in your younger years. With our ability to focus on each individual patient 100% of the time, we are able to get to the underlying root of the problem and we consistently deliver faster results than your typical in-network options.

Are you able to see patients with Medicare Part B? 

We are NOT participating providers for Medicare.  Since Medicare guidelines dictate that those covered under Medicare Part B must see a Medicare provider for physical therapy services, we are unable to treat individuals with Medicare insurance for physical therapy services.  We can only accept Medicare beneficiaries who will not be submitting claims. This option will be made before any services are rendered and must be made of the patient’s own free will.

However, we ARE able to see patients for services that are not provided by Medicare such as health, fitness and wellness. 

Do I need a prescription?

Not initially. Delaware is a direct access state, which means we can work with you for up to 30 days without a prescription. Following that time, you will need a written prescription from a physician.

Do you provide online consultations?

Yes, we do. Online consultations are available. Please create a new patient account, and then contact our staff, or call 302-884-7925 to schedule your appointment.